Monday, January 20, 2014

Well I have almost been in the field for two weeks. It's going by pretty quick. The first four days were extremely difficult but I am doing A LOT better. It most definitely isn't easy, missionary work is very hard. But it is rewarding. I just get down really easy from tracting, it hurts my feelings when I see and hear how rude and close minded people are. Its painful, and hard to keep going when people say you're going to hell and say they're praying for the welfare of our souls. It by no means shakes my testimony, but it makes the work more difficult. 
I have really seen how heavenly father is using me as a tool in his hands by using my interests. I have been able to relate and make so many connections with a lot of people because I like antiques and cars. We went to this one less active couples house and they had a 110 year old oven with nickel plated accents all over it. It looked like it would have been an expensive piece back in its day. They also had a 200x sitting in the yard. I had fun talking to the guy about all his projects. I got to meet another inactive guy that was in his early 20s who had a 89 camaro with draglites on it. We get along REALLY well and I enjoy talking to him. We had a really good lesson at his house yesterday.  Christy R. who is getting baptized next week, we taught her about the word of wisdom, chastity and tithing. She is doing very well with everything except tithing. She is on food stamps and doesn't have much. So I shared the story dad always would tell me about grandma webb and how he never understood why she payed her tithing because she was so poor. I shared how although grandma webb was very poor she had enough faith to trust that the Lord would take care of her. It touched her and she agreed right then and there to obey the law of tihing. Before we could even extend the commitment she said "I'll do it". It was an awesome experience.
 I get fed extremely well here. We have meals with members every night. Last night we went to the Mangums for dinner. He's from Oklahoma and his wife is from Nashville so they both have southern accents, which was SUPER nice to hear. I miss the south. When they're baby would cry sis Mangum would say "I'm comin' baby girl" it seemed so out of place hearing that in Oregon. The people here are really really friendly, some more than others. But that's generally how it is everywhere.

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