Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey! Yeah my mission president is awesome, he is a spiritual giant. My area is called Keizer, it's a town that's smaller than Crestview. I am in the Keizer Its extremely pretty here, and it has rained every single day, but luckily only once when we are on our bikes. I'm loving the humidity, I didn't think that that would be one of the things that I would miss the most!  I have had a ton of spiritual experiences since I have been here, there is a reason why I'm here for sure. There is this one investigator Christy R, she is 63, and her "husband" of 17 years passed away a couple of months ago She has been having trouble with it and is has taken it pretty hard. I knew this story before I came to visit here for the first time last week. As soon as I saw here I just felt so much love and sympathy for her. We would ask her certain questions and she would just start crying because she was so sad. I bore my testimony to her that her heavenly father loves her more than she can even begin to comprehend, and that he knows her by name and knows and understands what she is going through. I told her that God knows what her purpose is and wants her to be as happy as she can possibly be. And that we are here to help her, and to help her attain that happiness. She kind of brightened up a little bit and simply said to me "I like that". She said she would be willing to do anything to be happy again. Her baptismal date is the 25th of this month..

... the Lord is most definitely blessing me for my efforts, and I can see it clear as day. 

I hope is all well.

Love, Elder Boyd

P.S. My mailing address is 700 Deborah Rd Suite 260, Newberg, OR 97132

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