Monday, February 3, 2014

This week was all around great, the work was kind of slow but I still find joy in it. We got Ipads this week. My mission is one of 30 missions in the world that is getting them. Its kind of an experiment that will determine if the rest of the missions get them. So I wont have it anymore when I finally go to Brazil. Its pretty locked down and we have an area book app which is kind of formatted like our paper daily planners whuch they are hoping to eventually replace with Ipads. Its pretty cool, I feel privleged to get one. I will be able to tell my children that when I served my mission I had a paper planner hahaha. 
I got to go on my first companion exchange this past week which was really nice. It felt good to be able to have a different companion for a little while. I was on exchanges with the district leader which was cool too.  I'm really trying to learn as much as much as I can from Elder K, because I'm starting to realize that we really wont have a long time together and it is a really amazing learning opportunity that missionaries have with each of their companions. Even though he's a weirdo, he has taught me a lot. We have a potential investigator who has been on and off for over six months. His name is Bob R, he's 82, married for over 60 years and is a really awesome guy. He thinks the church is good and all but it just hasn't clicked yet. He even came to Christy's baptism. But we drop by every once in an while to check on him, and we did that saturday. His son in law happened to pull up with a big load of kindling wood for bother R and we helped them unload it. Brother R even at 82 hopped up in the lifted sliverado to get the wood out. He really reminds me of brother Wagner now that I think about it. He's a cheery, peppy old man with a smile on his face and always winks and smiles at me. Just like brother wagner. We helped him split some fire wood with his wood splitter powered by a four cylinder volvo engine from a CAR. Yes a car engine wood spliter. It was really nice to get down and dirty in service. It made me remember how much I love to work. When I hopped up in the truck bed of Brother R's son in law gary, he said "Man look at the brotha' gettin to work up in there!" I got a good chuckle out of that haha. 

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