Tuesday, February 25, 2014

...we had success this week. Lily has always been extremely shy when we ask her to pray but this week she volunteered herself to give the closing prayer at the end of a visit. I absolutely adore children, they are so fun to teach and be around.
After we had a lesson with Lily we met a guy outside her apartment who was working on putting a lift kit on his 4x4 kia. He was super nice and we talked cars for over an hour. He said that installing the lift kit in the rear is the easy part and that the front end takes eight hours to do and is a two man job. I offered to help without hesitation and he accepted it without hesitation, so later this week Im going to be helping a guy install a lift kit. Looks like I'll get to work on cars after all haha. Im planning on inviting him to church after we get done with the job. So it should be interesting. We also tracted in to a young woman 25ish years old who was really accepting of everything and we made a follow up appointment. She brought her friend who was equally as interested and they were both very accepting of everything we taught. the ladys name is Lindsey and her friends name is Meagan. Lindsey said she has absolutely no clue what her purpose in life is or what she is supposed to be doing. So she's basically golden. I'll be sure to tell you how it goes. 

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