Friday, December 20, 2013

Welp another week has passed. I cannot believe I have been here over a month, it's flown by soooooo quick. I should get my reassignment next Thursday, or possibly earlier since it's the day after Christmas. Im super excited to find out where I'm going. It should be interesting. I got to host the new missionaries that came in last wednesday. As the parents drop their missionaries at the curb I got to welcome them to the MTC and escort them to get all of their materials and show them where their rooms are and stuff like that. It took over two hours and  I escorted four elders. It was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be! i had a great time. Elder Wolfgramms companion left either at the begining of this past week or the week before that. He got his visa. So now Elder Fossati, Elder Wolfgramm, and I are a tripanionship. Im really happy to have Elder Wolfgramm as my companion.  He has a great testimony and is now our district leader. I just got called to be the online coordinator for our branch. Annnnnd i gave my first talk in Portugues this past Sunday, it went pretty good. Its only had to be three to five minutes long. I spoke super fast (it was all written down except for my intro and testimony) Ive been reading the bom a lot in Potuguese and I can read super fast. But understanding it is another story haha. Im getting there. Pronunciation isnt a problem for me when it come to the language its just a matter of remembering what to say. I teach my last lesson this Tuesday. Which is so crazy. Elder Fossati is hilarious, this past week he has slept in a different spot each night. On like three different beds, the floor, under the desk. I love him, Hes sucha goofball. I wont be able to call you on Christmas, for whatever reason. I've been playing vollyball just about every day and Im getting pretty good at it.

Im going to send you some pictures of my teachers next p day so brace yourselves!
I know it stinks that I don't get to call you on Christmas, but I get to hear from an apostle on Christmas eve and on Christmas day. So I will be in good hands! I will have heard from four apostles, in person, in six weeks. Isn't that insane? I heard from Elder Nelson, Elder Cook, Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the presidency of the seventy, and for Christmas all we know is that for sure we are going to get to hear from two apostles.
Have a wonderful merryful Christmas!

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