Friday, November 29, 2013

I seriously don't even know where to start. The food is pretty good, I cant complain. Me and my room mates are a little frustrated because the Sisters here are just flat out gorgeous,and that is my only complaint! Modest really is the hottest! I can't complain about my companion because he is just awesome, I have truly been blessed. He is from New Orleans and is of Bolivian herritage. He speaks Spanish so that is a ginormous help. We have taught 5 lessons in Portuguese, a lot of small phrases and small words have become a part of my daily vocabulary. But I would say its still a tad difficult. the language barrier and limited vocabulary when teaching is extremely frustrating. But when I bear my testimony in the little portuguese I know, I can most definitely feel the spirit. There is a teacher that acts as an investigator, and thats who we teach our lessons to. It seems like most of the teachers are men in their earl to mid 20s. My only teacher, bother barlow is 21 and just returned from a mission in Africa that borders Justin's mission.  He's a really good teacher, and strictly speaks Portuguese to us besides one or two English words occasionally. The food is pretty good and the cafeteria is super super nice. The district goes to lift weights just about every day. My residence is on the top 4th floor, and my classroom is on the top 5th florr of another building. So I get to climb escatas (stairs) aaaaaalllll the time. I'm enjoying the MTC quite a bit but I'm ready to leave already and get out into the field.  My room has six beds and we only have four people so thats nice. The showers are NOT open, thank goodness! Our room mates Elder Hough and Elder Wolfgramm are pretty cool. Wolfgramm is from Orlando and is tongan. He's my favorite. Our district joined the missionary choir which has been one of the most musically and spiritually rewarding experiences of my life. Elder Fossati and myself have similar voices so we have fun harmonizing on hinos together haha. We had a Thanksgiving devotional yesterday morning and we got to sing Hope of Israel in front of Elder Russel M. Nelson of the twelve which was amazing. There were over 3,000 people in the room and as soon as he entered everyone stood up so fast for him and a wave of the spirit just entered the room. We are going to have another general authority that we will get to sing to at a devotional next tuesday as well. I'm really stoked. The choir director said that out of the 11 years he has been the choir director at the mtc these next several weeks are going to be the most exciting he's ever experienced here.  My room mates always tell me my mom loves me too much because of all the food you sent me, thanks for that by the way mom! (ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME FAT?!) That's about all I can think of at the moment. We'll be back together sooner than you think. Especially when you "invite others to come unto Christ and to receive the restored gospel" I can tell its going to be a great experience in the field. My testimony has already grown immensely and I cannot wait to go and help others receive the knowledge and happiness that I have. Missionaries are what brought the gospel into my family years ago, and owe it to my Heavenly Father to plant seeds of the gospel in other families and lives. FYI I am actually not homesick, I'm just simply to busy to be.  I'm doing the best possible thing I could do right now at this point in my life. It so beautiful out here, I have a wonderful view out of any window I look out of. But nothing compares to the South.
Much Loves,
Elder Boyd


  1. Elder Boyd, I am commentiing on your singing in front of Russel M. Nelson. Many years ago if I am not mistaken in the Pensacola Stake, before the new Pensacola stake building was occupied and the Fort Walton Beach Stake was created, Russell M Nelson came for a conference. At that time if I remember correctly he bestowed upon us an Apolostic Blessing in the old Pensacola Stake Building. I hope I am correct in this because your father may have been there as a teenager himself. Check with your parents. Have a wonderful time on your mission.